Renting a vehicle
for minutes has
never been so easy!

Imagine a commute without traffic jams. Just download the app, create an account, book a vehicle and off you go!

You can find us everywhere in Malta!

How it works:

We offer a fast and ecological transport through a crowded city. You do not stick in traffic jams, you take care of the environment, and all this at a very good price!

Download the app

Download the free app to rent our mopeds.

Create an account

Attach photos of your driving license. Within 24 hours your account will be verified and activated.

Find and book

Using the app find the nearest moped and book it. You have 15 minutes to reach the vehicle.


Use the app to unlock the vehicle. Open the trunk with a button on the steering wheel, take the helmet and the hygiene cover.


The moped is active and ready to go. Accelerate and go wherever you want.

Park and finish

Have you arrived to your destination? Park the moped in the area determined, put the helmet in the trunk and finish the ride using your app.

Good parking practices

1 Park the vehicle in the map-marked zone

You cannot end your ride beyond the zone. You can go beyond the zone and pause renting time, but to end you need to get back to the zone.

2 Think of other road users and traffic rules

Remember about good parking practices. Do not park on pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, the lawn.

3 Park at generally available places

This way other users can find the vehicle. Do not park under stands, at parking garages, at closed premises.

How much it costs:

It does not matter how much you drive

You will not pay more than 40 EUR a day


The standard price

0.25 EUR 

per minute

  The parking time costs only 0.05 EUR per minute.

  The maximum all-day fee for using the moped is 40 EUR. The driving day is from 00:00 to 23:59 on a single day.

Enjoy the freedom:

Join’s satisfied customers, avoid traffic jams, and reduce travel time.


 I loved Blinkee the first time i turned the lever!


 Super option of quick access to any place within the zone. I recommend trying.


 It is worth paying every money for wind in your hair and a sense of freedom! <3






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